Monday, March 23, 2015

Panic attacks and blood draws - oh no! She's a lobster and kids make pyramids fun.

Dearest, Darlingest, Momsie and Popsicle...

What a blur this past week has been! I can’t even remember most of it, but it’s been really good and I’ve learned a ton. And yes mom, you’re right... I have been sick these past few... weeks. I haven’t been feeling good and I thought that it was just the stress, because my neck hurts a ton like it always does around AP test season. ;) and I just haven’t really had much of the go-get-ems to really go and get ‘em... if that makes any sense. And pains in my stomach, but for that, and the headaches, I just thought those were part of the nasty food we’ve eaten. So it all has just been a bunch of coincidences... but no, I just couldn’t quite hold on much more, so I finally called up Hermana Egbert and told her what’s up. She sent me off to do some tests. Oh no... YEP. You guessed it, blood work – needles, fainting. I can’t even explain how nervous I was. And not just for me, but for my companion too! Haha, so off we went to take the tests and all that wonderful, lovely stuff. 

And the tradition continues... almost. I almost fainted again. When the lady poked me, I felt myself going... and I told them too! I VOY! I VOY! And the nurse lady person told me that my veins were small and contracted, because I was so nervous and she couldn’t hit a vein. She poked me two times in my left arm and because I wasn’t watching (I was more like... crying) I thought that, yeah - she got two flasks of blood and all was hunky dory, but my comp frankly told me to calm down, because SHE HADN’T DRAWN ANYTHING YET! What? And then came more tears... and finally in my good ‘ol right arm, she hit my vein and got the blood. Thank heaven! But I seriously almost blacked out again. I was so scared, but the nurse was super kind to me and let me rest for a whole 5 minutes before sending me off to bike home - a little wobbly. Haha, yay for medical care here in Mexico. She was really nice though. 

So what’s the verdict? Well I am anemic and have an infection. I’m on antibiotics and vitamins and take a total of 6 pills every day and that doesn’t include the ibuprofen, but I am happy and plugging through it! So don’t you worry about me! It’s hard, but I’m just so relieved to finally know why I feel like I do and that I’m not just a little wimpling. My comps helped me a ton this week. Well, we’ve helped each other...

My comp had a panic attack this week. Two nights ago there was a spider in her towel at the end of her bed. One thing to know about my comp is that she is deathly afraid of spiders. I mean, like I am with needles in my forearms. I entered our room and she was crying and couldn’t move and had the look of fear and death on her face. I asked what’s wrong as I rushed to rub her back and she couldn’t even answer me. She just kept trying to breathe (and it wasn’t working too well) and she was crying. After several minutes she calmed down and told me what happened, and yeah, it all got better, but she didn’t sleep too well that night. It’s been a bit of a struggle for us this week... :) 

The pyramids were awesome! It was way fun to go again and especially with all those kids and to play and hang out, but I have a very, very, sad notice... my camera died after a few pictures... sorry mom. BUT! My comp was prepared and took lots with her camera and I will send you what she took. He he he... sorry, but it was a blast! I did start to feel a little rough about halfway through but kept marching on. I felt like a pioneer in those moments... more than I did on trek! 

It’s so awesome to hear about the house coming right along! I am so proud of you guys and truly wish and pray the best for you on how everything goes!

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA!!!! You truly are one of my heroes in so many ways and I love you so much. I hope the party was a great one and that Grandma was finally able to get a word in. ;) Hahahaha. I wonder if you talked again about how you two aren’t as good looking as you used to be, or something like that... but how the love between you two is still strong and it does inspire us all. I love you Grandpa and feliz cumpleaños! 

I hope Grandma’s eye is doing better. I send my love to you Grandma.

Please tell Nancy I hope all goes well with her surgery this week. I really hope she’ll be able to feel better!

Please tell the family thanks for the pictures they drew for me and for their notes - they always put a smile on my face and make me laugh. I especially love it where my arms come out of my head. :)  Some of you truly have a gift for drawing! 

A big birthday shout out to my twin brother Abraham, and as I’m sure it’s still more like Baberaham - don’t forget me, ok bro? Cause I was thinking the other day about how we used to walk to seminary together every day in 9th grade and in our sophomore year how Ms Thornbrue really thought we were twins and emailed your mom about me. Haha, I love you lots and wish you the best birthday yet. 

And Happy Birthday to my cute nephew Brandt! I miss you!

These kids are awesome - future missionaries.

I just want you all to know that this work, and this gospel, is true. And that I truly know that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. While feeling a little under the weather, well, under the hailstorm, these fast few days and weeks, the Lord truly has saved and helped me. Sometimes when I’m riding my bike, I feel like I’m going to faint or fall and I say a little prayer for some strength other than my own and I can keep going. Or in lessons, where it takes all the energy of my soul to stay awake with my eyes open, that for some force beyond my own, I can find the words to say, and maybe help these children of God in some small way. I know that our Heavenly Father helps his children, and like Ammon says in Alma - en el PUNTO de regresar... el señor nos consolo. It was the POINT to return when all was rough. It wasn’t before and it wasn’t after, but in the very moment we need God most, He will help us. He does this funny little thing like that to make us grow in our faith, but I know He will always catch us... even if it is right before we hit the floor. I love you my family! Thanks for the pictures! Thanks for everything and you are my world! I live for you too! :) and I hope your week is full of joy, because I know that I experience joy every day here too. :) Love you more than life.

Your little guera that’s not so white anymore and is more like a lobster. :) 

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